Wednesday, July 10, 2019

RUMOR: The Boys' Club building on 10th and A has a new owner; will remain in use as a nonprofit

[EVG photo from last fall]

In recent weeks, several residents — and credible sources — have shared tips about the Boys' Club of New York's East Village clubhouse on 10th Street and Avenue A.

As I first reported in June 2018, Executive Director Stephen Tosh told alumni about the BCNY's plan to sell its Harriman Clubhouse, which opened in 1901. The BCNY would continue to use the space through June 2019. A listing for the 7-story building arrived on the Cushman & Wakefield website last October with a $32 million asking price.

According to several tipsters who have provided reliable information in the past, sources at the Boys' Club have said that the building was sold to a "nonprofit arts organization and will be a theater and house various arts-related entities." In addition, the Boys' Club would rent part of the space for one more year while searching for a new space in the area.

Neighbors have also noted a surprising lack of activity at the building this summer — at odds with an organization supposedly on the move.

However, to date, there isn't any public record about a sale of the Harriman Clubhouse at 287 E. 10th St.

In addition, Boys' Club officials squashed the sales rumor.

"The building has not been sold. The process is continuing," Shonda Smith, the BCNY's director of communications, said in an email. "When we have something to share, we will let you know."

The listing for the building last fall pitched the property as either "an ideal conversion opportunity or continued educational/recreational use by an end user." The 50,000-square foot building includes classrooms, a gymnasium, an auditorium, music studios, recreational and pool space.

The accompanying sales materials highlighted the recent luxury condo developments that have cropped up nearby, including Steiner East Village and Ben Shaoul's 100 Avenue A.

Last fall, local elected officials — including Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, State Sen. Brad Hoylman, Assemblymember Harvey Epstein, and City Councilmember Carlina Rivera — urged the BCNY board to postpone the sale until they consult with the community in "good faith." However, the BCNY declined to meet with the elected leaders.

Tosh said last year that the sale of the East Village building would allow BCNY the opportunity to start new programs in a neighborhood such as Brownsville or East New York.

For their part, community activists and parents have said that a compelling need remains in the East Village and Lower East Side for the kind of activities that the Boys' Club offers.

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Anonymous said...

So all our donations to the Boys Club were a waste - they have no place to go but they are selling their building. It makes no sense unless there is looting going on, like they did with Cooper Union. The board just wants to be able to play with millions of dollars and take fees off the top. They all do.

Gojira said...

"Last fall, local elected officials...urged the BCNY board to postpone the sale until they consult with the community in "good faith." However, the BCNY declined to meet with the elected leaders."

Well that says it all right there, I think. No meeting with elected leaders, no community outreach, and what is with the continued insistence that somehow the kids around here no longer need the services BCNY provides? You want to open in Brownsville or East New York? Great, just don't do it on the backs of the young men of the East Village and Lower East Side.

But we all know how this is going to end. BCNY would not lowball to a nonprofit when there's far more money to be made from selling to a luxury developer.

noble neolani said...

When huge amounts of money are involved lies, corruption will follow.

cmarrtyy said...

One possibility is that BCNY didn't get a good offer for lux development. That's really a terrible corner and so is ave A - garbage all over the place and a bus stop. That opens the door for an arts group. Depending on which organization and what the mix of arts they will bring... it could be a blessing to the EV and the immediate area for retail and entertainment.

Also... this should be an opportunity for our local pols to step in an help negotiations along to make sure we, the EV, get something for losing the BoysC and for all the money they get from the state, city and private donors.

Anonymous said...

BCNY should be ashamed