Monday, September 9, 2019

A new (familiar) owner for Takahachi on Avenue A

Takahachi, the 29-year-old sushi restaurant at 85 Avenue A, will have a new owner.

Jack Hlaing — aka Jack the Chef — will appear before CB3's SLA committee tonight for a new wine-beer license for the restaurant between Fifth Street and Sixth Street.

Hlaing, who has worked here for 19 years, says in a letter to CB3 that owner Hiroyuki Takahashi is giving him the opportunity to buy the place.

"I have no intention to change [the] method of operation or [make] alterations related to new business," he writes. "It will be resumed as it was before."

You can find the letter with the questionnaire on file at the CB3 website.

[Photo of Hlaing from 2018 by True World Foods]

Takahachi opened here in 1990. The owner later expanded to Tribeca with a restaurant on Duane Street in 2002 and a bakery on Murray Street in 2010.

As The Infatuation wrote about the East Village location: "On any given night, it’s safe to assume 75 percent of the restaurant are regulars. It’s that kind of spot. Good food and a personal connection, no wonder people keep coming back. Next time you need sushi in the East Village, Takahachi is the move."


Anonymous said...

Congrats to him, always friendly and always great food.

Where can we sign his petition?

Anonymous said...

YAY! Chef Jack. great guy! Great neighborhood sushi.....

jk said...

wishing him all the luck in keeping it alive

Anonymous said...

This is such heart-warming news, especially in this day and age when profit typically prevails above all else and loyalty means very little. So nice that the owner has a different approach. Jack the Chef is great - I love sitting at the sushi bar and watching him cook in his calm, unruffled manner even when the place is heaving on a busy night. Congratulations to Jack and props to the owner, Mr Takahashi! Thank you for your neighbourhood gem of a restaurant.

Anonymous said...

LOVE JACK AND LOVE TAKAHACHI! Good for him! We go once a week!

EVQP said...

SO happy for Jack! His smiling face is always so welcoming, along with the rest of the staff. SO SO SO happy for us regulars!!!