Monday, September 9, 2019

[Updated] C&B is weekends only at the moment at Paper Daisy on St. Mark's Place

This post has been updated...

Over the weekend, the C&B logo was replaced at 39 St. Mark's Place with signage for Bar Ilegal. (Thanks to Brian I. Oxman for the photos!) The letters on the door read "11C Mezcal Bar."


Updated 9/10

According to a Paper Daisy rep:

C&B is still in operation. We are operating weekends only at the moment while we work on growing Paper Daisy. Bar Ilegal is a collaboration between C&B and some friends who are doing a brief pop-up in the space during the evenings. While the space looks different for the time being, we are still serving the same product on the weekends as always.


C&B Cafe opened in the late winter in this spot just east of Second Avenue.

Some background. C&B chef-owner Ali Sahin was brought in to be the executive chef for Paper Daisy, which opened in March and whose creative team features East Village residents Jaime Felber, Darin Rubell and Thomas Flynn. Combined, their local credits include Boulton & Watt, Drexler’s and Mister Paradise.

Meanwhile, the 4-year-old C&B Cafe continues on at its original location at 178 E. Seventh St. near Avenue B.

As for this St. Mark's Place address, Cafe Orlin closed here in October 2017 after 36 years of service.

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Anonymous said...

fashion trend, mezcal tequila, make the celebs more money

Anonymous said...

Bar Ilegal? Ooh Tres edgy

Anonymous said...

Another corny bar bait and switch