Sunday, September 5, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts from this past week included... 

• Gardening in the East Village is 'a great way to meet your neighbors' — and other things (Thursday)

• City clears and closes the area around the chess tables in Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday

• Bon voyage to The Baroness (Tuesday

• In a New York Groove (Wednesday)

• 6 Avenue B doesn't appear to be part of a new (and rumored) Houston Street development (Tuesday) ... This East Village business strip has been cleared out ahead of rumored new development (Monday)

• It takes a court order to clean out the long-empty 89 1st Ave. (Wednesday

• The Sullivan St. Bakery pop-up on 9th Street has closed (Monday

• At the Protest: Queer Liberation March installation on 10th Street (Saturday

• 50-58 E. Third St. sold again (Thursday

• Here is the trailer for the Velvet Underground documentary (Monday

• Openings: Mochinut on 2nd Avenue, Little Rebel on 2nd Avenue (Tuesday

• Astor Place Wegmans watch, work-permit edition (Monday

• The new location of Cure Thrift Shop opens (Friday

• FULL glass reveal at this incoming Lower East Side boutique office building (Monday

• So long to the Clover Deli's iconic neon signage (Monday

...  and new awning-signage alert at 328 E. Ninth St. ... where Pillow-Cat Books, specializing in books for animal lovers, is opening soon... (thanks to Steven for the photo...)
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Anonymous said...

I like that shot of FunkyTown! It’s one of my favorite stores 😊