Monday, July 6, 2015

1 residence remains for sale at 227 E. 7th St.

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You can still live at 227 E. Seventh St., the new condoplex just west of Avenue C … apparently a unit of the well-received building remains on the market (this building is not to be confused with the new condos at 277 E. Seventh St., aka Seven East Village) …

Here's some of the listing via Douglas Elliman:

This large, Townhouse like living residence is ideal for every demographic. A floor-thru duplex layout, set up as a true 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom living space with an oversize recreation room and a private, landscaped garden.

The recreation area has an oversize skylight, radiant heat floors, door leading to the private garden and a laundry room which can easily be converted into a powder room. This layout offers boundless opportunities for the end user. Ideal for home office, artists studio, yoga studio, playroom, media room or a sleeping den.

Garden which measures 34' x 20' is ideal for pet owners, gardeners, BBQ lovers and sun soakers.

Additional features include high ceilings, top of the line stainless steel appliances, central air on ground level with a separate heating and cooling unit in the rec room for cost efficiency, quartz countertops, washer/dryer, hardwood oak floors and abundance of light from North and South exposures.

Geographically, this is true New York. Everything is at your finger tips, from top restaurants like The Eddy, Frank, Edi & The Wolf, to top bars such as Booker & Dax, Elsa, mom & pop shops, nightlife, supermarket, Tompkins Square Park and so much more.

[Finger tips? Booker & Dax is on East 13th Street at Second Avenue and Elsa closed about a year ago.]

Anyway! The asking price is $1.875 million and there is an open house today from noon to 2 p.m.

H/t Dave on 7th!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. Sign me up. I wonder if my welfare check will pay for this? Even though I hold a MBA, I can't even land a job at McDonalds these days. How the fuck will I or anyone else pay for this? I smell trust fund baby or wall street ego maniac residing there.

Anonymous said...

More airbnb housing, pays the mortgage & big profit

Anonymous said...

Yes. People LOVE being referred to as a "demographic." Realtors should never be allowed to write anything. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love pets, BBQ, and sun soaking! I also enjoy showing my sweaty naked body to random strangers, so the giant ground floor window is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Nothing like paying over a million dollars so others can watch my hairy, stocky middle aged body sunbathe nude on the patio. Classic. Gotta love NYC. Land of cash.

Not Douglas Elliman said...

This large comma townhouse is perfect for the living people demographic!

The layout will be beloved by end user! Rooms are perfect for living, eating, sleeping, breathing, parties, sexing, crafts, man cave, wo-cavé, nursery, and more!

Garden is ideal for plants or pavement, you end user choose the best result! Perfect for fido or whiskers!

Additional features include walls, ceilings, windows, doors with doorknobs, stove, sink, running water and toilet that flushes!

Geographically, this is true New York! Steps from Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, and more!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that the basement will flood if another Sandy hits!

Anonymous said...

And with that flood goes your AC and heat. Depending, of course, on whether the hurricane hits in August or November.

Robert F. Crocker said...

Exactly! Nothing like paying over a million dollars so others can watch my hairy, stocky middle aged body sunbathe nude on the patio. Classic. Gotta love NYC. Land of cash.
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