Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Penthouse comes into view at the former Amato Opera on the Bowery

Apparently there will be a penthouse at 319 Bowery after all. Landlord Steve Croman received DOB approval last September to convert the former Amato Opera house between East First Street and East Second Street into a commercial and residential building.

The original plans showed three residential units above the ground-floor retail space, with a penthouse level. The approved permits that we saw later didn't list a penthouse level…

However, there is an amended permit dated July 8 that includes a penthouse, part of the fourth floor apartment.

In any event, you can now see this top level from the street…

In January 2009, Anthony Amato, the company's 88-year-old founder, announced that he had sold the building that the Opera had called home since 1964. The company closed in May 2009. Amato died in December 2011.

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Gojira said...

At least he kept the original building. Small favors, but I am grateful nonetheless. Who'da thunk it?

Anonymous said...

Someone is going to spend a lot of money to live next door to an NYU dorm and a men's shelter. For sure, it won't be me.....because I can't afford it. What a crazy world. The Bowery of ill repute is gone. They should rename the street, The New Bowery to reflect the changes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Taking wagers on who the commercial tenant will be???

Anonymous said...

A penthouse addition to a bulding with windows boarded-up on lower floors. No one on the street would ever suspect the presence of Batman's secret rooftop lair.

Former East Villager said...

Addio del passato.

I owe so much to this block, this man, and this building. And, oh yes, Sally Amato too.