Friday, July 24, 2015

EV Grieve Etc.: the Polish delights at G.I. Deli; new evening options at Jennifer Cafe

[Photo on 2nd Avenue by Derek Berg]

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... and EVG reader Lauren passes along word that Jennifer Cafe on East Fourth Street and First Avenue is now open in the evenings... the proprietors are now in the third week of selling tacos, quesadillas and tortas after 6 p.m. ...

... and a reader notes that Dieci on East 10th Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue has been closed for the last two days... there's a notice from the city saying that restaurant has been operating without some unspecified permit...


Anonymous said...

When you sit on the stool outside Jennifer Cafe, your mouth is level with the counter, which makes it easy to eat.

Anonymous said...

Of course, they need now to cater to the bros and their sorority girls hanger-ons, after a night and day of drinking and hootin' and hollerin'.