Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week in Grieview

[Photo from Tompkins Square Park yesterday by Bobby Williams]

RIP Charlie Romonofsky (Tuesday)

Groundbreaking on East 13th Street for the Bea Arthur Residence for homeless LGBT youth (Monday)

How Grace Farrell came to die outside St. Brigid's in February 2011 (Friday)

Here's the lineup for the 3rd annual MoRUS film festival (Wednesday)

Report: Bystander shot in foot during argument on Avenue D (Thursday)

East Village Spice back open on First Avenue (Friday)

NYPD rescues dog locked in car on Avenue B (Monday)

Hello Good Night Sonny (Monday)

Keeping up with Christo and Dora's new offspring (Friday)

Openings: Turntable Retro Bar & Restaurant on Avenue B (Tuesday)

In the case that you are just being an ass about the buzzers (Wednesday)

Paperwork filed to renovate Peter Brant's gallery space on East Sixth Street (Monday)

More about Bruno Pizza (Tuesday)

Blockheads opens (Wednesday)

Because we haven't posted anything about the incoming Black Seed bagels in more than two months (Thursday)

Ben Shaoul sells 31-33 2nd Ave. for $29 million (Thursday)

Former froyo spot will become body waxing center on 2nd Avenue, just because (Friday)

133 Avenue D is for sale (again) (Wednesday)

The former Contrada space is for rent (Thursday)

Summer Streets start next Saturday (Saturday)

First sign of the incoming CVS at 51 Astor Place (Friday)

Revisiting King Tut’s Wah-Wah Hut (Wednesday)

Continued dewatering at Ben Shaoul's 98-100 Avenue A prompts visit by the FDNY (Thursday)

Dunkin' Donuts moving into the Jefferson's retail space (Tuesday)

And in Tompkins Square Park: The NYPD patrol tower arrives (Tuesday, 149 comments) … prompting a fake Twitter account (Thursday) … a call for the tower's removal via an online petition (Thursday) … a flyer campaign (Sunday) … and a sleepover for Aug. 7-9 (Friday) … the tower also provided a backdrop for campgoers to discuss justice (Friday, 58 comments)

And in conclusion, some equal time for the candidates … spotted on East Houston (and elsewhere) …

[Art by Ivan Orama]


Edmund Dunn said...

A clown with better hair.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, Hillary works hard on her image. That clown Perot ... err, Trump is going to get her elected.