Wednesday, July 22, 2015

133 Avenue D is for sale (again)

An EVG reader points us to 133 Avenue D, where the 6-floor building between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street is on the market now for $12 million.

Here's some details from the listing at The Besen Group:

The 14,600 SF property is built 42.5' x 80', sits on a 42.5' x 93' lot and is zoned C1-5/R8A. The current maximum allowable FAR is 6 providing 3,646 SF of additional air rights. With cut-outs, the building has generous light and windows on all sides.

There are two retail units and one residential unit on the ground floor. Avenue D Deli & Grocery occupies the first unit with 850 SF of retail space. Marty's Wine & Liquor occupies the second unit with 850 SF of retail space. The residential unit has two-bedrooms and 600 SF.

The property has four two-bedroom units on floors two through six each with approximately 575 SF. Gut renovations were completed on all free market units. The roof has a cell tower lease in place until April 2020 which is pre-paid, and can produce future income if extended.

Highly desirable location and in demand for high-end residential and retail. 133 Avenue D is a few blocks away from Tompkins Square Park, situated close to subway stations, M140 bus stop, and walking distance to the cornucopia of stores, restaurants, and nightlife the East Village has to offer. The property is also walking distance to one of the best public schools, Bard High School Early College.

Situated close to what subway stations?

Updated 7:55 a.m.

Thanks to commenter EVEddie for noting that this building just changed hands back in the spring for $10.5 million. Per The Real Deal:

Vintage Group acquired an East Village mixed-use building at 133 Avenue D for $10,5 million ... Red Man Takes It Back Realty Inc. is the seller.

Nice flip!


Anonymous said...

What colors does it come in? choice of finishes? what about the bldg at the other corner in case want set of bookends?

EVEddie said...

Wow, talk about a quick flip! Buy last Spring for $10.5, sell in the Summer for $12. only in NYC!

Gojira said...

" demand for high-end residential and retail" - yeah, I'm sure Louis Vuitton and Hermes are clamoring for storefronts on Avenue D, which I guess now stands for "Avenue Deluxe" instead of "Avenue Danger", the way it did 35 years ago. My, how things have changed.

Anonymous said...

Anchored by an AIDS center and methadone clinic! The crackheads that hang out front of the bodega come free of charge!

Anonymous said...

This was the building depicted in the low-budget early '90s horror/comedy "The Refrigerator"!

Anonymous said...

Ground floor residential is 2 bedrooms, 600 sq. feet.

Seriously, 2 bedrooms in 600 square feet?? So no living room? Or the bedrooms are each just big enough for a twin bed?

EVEddie said...

Another selling point not covered in the listing: Avenue D rats