Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bruno Pizza, opening very soon on East 13th Street

Bruno Pizza is inching closer to opening at 204 E. 13th St. between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

We checked in with Demian Repucci, the restaurant designer-consultant who is launching his very own place with Bruno. He and his team held Bruno's first friends-and-family "super-secret, trial-and-error pizza party" on Saturday night. While the evening went very well, he says they still need to do some tweaking on their dough recipe and pizza-making process.

In any event, Repucci says that they will start serving pizzas this coming week.

Aside from pizza, the menu includes various pastas and salads... eventually the space will serve a tasting menu from his executive chefs Justin Slojkowski and Dave Gulino. (You can read more about all this over at Grub Street. Eater has more details here.)

Bruno was also OK'd for a liquor license, but there's still some paperwork pending. So no alcohol at the outset.

Meanwhile, Repucci has been posting photos of the menu items on his Instagram account

Pizza test eleventy @brunopizzanyc

A photo posted by @demianrepucci on

There is a Bruno website with more information, though it doesn't appear fully functioning just yet.


Anonymous said...

I went and tried Via Della Pace on St. Marks for margherita pizza and liked it very much. Good cheese to dough ratio, crunchy thin dough but not burnt, nice sized basil leaves and goodly amount. And super nice friendly service which is sometimes lacking in places with great food. So all around very happy though thought the menus were a bit chi-chi for my taste. Look forward to trying their pasta dishes and more.

Anonymous said...

I hope they can figure out their "dough recipe" and their "pizza making process", I would think those are both very crucial elements to making it all work.

Anonymous said...

You had me until - tasting menu. Nonetheless, it's a non-corporate place, I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Who really cares? The venom towards the changing neighborhood, always blamed on young men, always takes a back seat on this site when some new, nitch pizza place, coffee shop, or u.s.w. opens. Who cares? Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:43: What's a "u.s.w"? Also, what's a "nitch" pizza place? Please tell me you meant to say "knish" and there's a knish-pizza place opening. If that's true I'll gladly shove hot, salty mashed-potato into my mouth and stop spewing venom and blaming young men.

uncle Pete said...

tried Damien's pies twice, they are excellent and he is a good neighbor. Get to this spot ASAP. The fellas behind the counter clearly enjoy what they do, and enjoy sharing it with you.