Saturday, July 25, 2015

The spiritual harmony of Katinka on East 9th Street

[Photo from May by James and Karla Murray Photography]

Nice feature in the Times about jazz musician Billy Lyles and his longtime companion, designer Jane Williams, and the shop they have run together since 1979 — Katinka.

As the East Village’s grit and rebel spirit have steadily given way to upscale businesses, one of the mom-and-pop places that have hung on since the 1970s is Katinka.

Mr. Lyles and Ms. Williams, who live in a railroad apartment upstairs, have kept prices low, even as their rent has risen. The shop’s spiritual harmony, they claim, has kept them solvent.

“This store is like a magnet — they all want to come in and get some energy, and Billy is the gatekeeper,” said Ms. Williams, who designs the clothing and travels to India to have it made by hand. “I take care of the colors and he takes care of the music.”

The shop, located at 303 E. Ninth St. just east of Second Avenue, sells Indian clothing, shoes and accessories … they usually open around 4 … with limited hours Tuesday through Saturday.

Read the whole article here. Find more of James and Karla Murray's storefront shots here.


Scuba Diva said...

Pretty damn great; Billy and Jane are definitely the mayors of that block.

The article doesn't mention it, but the shop is named for a dog the couple had years ago.

marjorie said...

lovely piece. really nice writing. they seem delightful. i've never gone in -- not generally a fan of the flowy hippie look! -- but now i will.

Anonymous said...

was just talking about this place the other day, so glad they keep it going! thanks for posting!:)

Anonymous said...

What block. Billy is the soul of the neighborhood! A great place to browse on a sleepy summer afternoon too.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Beautiful people and store. First visited the place thirty-plus years ago. Time, time!