Friday, July 31, 2015

CVS has teamed up with Watson, IBM’s supercomputer

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Earlier this month, news broke that CVS would be the first retail tenant at 51 Astor Place/the IBM Watson Building/Death Star.

Apparently CVS and IBM's Watson have bigger plans. The Washington Post had the news yesterday:

IBM is teaming with CVS Health to harness the power of the Watson supercomputing brain to transform how the care of patients with chronic conditions is managed.

[T]he companies will work to develop a system that would be able to provide better personalization of care, prevent the use of unneeded and costly interventions, and even predict health declines for a wide range of conditions including heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Troyen A. Brennan, chief medical officer for CVS Health, said in an interview that no specific product or timeline has been worked out, but that the first stage would be to jointly develop intelligent algorithms and test them to see if they helped improve patient outcomes. He said he was hopeful “realistic interventions” could be identified in one to two years.

In addition, CVS stores, using Watson's POWER7 processors and IBM's DeepQA technology, will be able to reduce the one-hour photo service to .001 seconds.

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1st sign of the incoming CVS at 51 Astor Place


Anonymous said...

Pretty sad when CVSs are attractions.

Anonymous said...

Oh yay, CVS and IBM sucking each other off. Lucky us.

blue glass said...

this is the start of the end. computers already control our lives in so many not-subtle ways. the internet is not programmed for ease of use but to control the users.

watson is going to be the end of doctor/patient health care except for the very rich. cvs is aiming for a place in that soon to be universe.

think about all the ways you can't ask a question now, or the answers have pretty much nothing to do with the question.

have you ever been told by a bank teller that the computers are down and that you can deposit your money but they can't give you any cash?

it is almost impossible to contact a human being for logical help. computers have helped the dehumanization of industry.

war is fought via computer. cars drive themselves. banks are removing tellers. verizon can only be contacted via internet or phone (mostly totally computerized). the only place to talk to a verizon human person is at a verizon store, and there is no help there. many stores have robot cashiers. etc. etc.

can you count the number of tv shows that extol the computer coder? or where the computer has taken over human functions?

watch out.

Anonymous said...

Open soon! I can't wait to buy tampons and laxatives.

Anonymous said...

Adult diapers are my favorite part of CVS.

Anonymous said...

Watson! Your new OBGYN!

Anonymous said...

Watson has s gentle touch with his anal probing. FYI.

Anonymous said...

Sexy IMB Watson for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Why do companies'/corporations' acronyms almost always consist of three letters?


Because it's the attention span of the average OMG.