Thursday, July 16, 2015

Details on the financial assistance available to businesses affected by the 2nd Avenue explosion

Tim Laughlin, executive director of the LES Business Improvement District, sent use the following letter yesterday… via the EVG inbox...

I am writing to let you know that the LES BID (Lower East Side Business Improvement District), Community Board 3 and local elected officials have worked with public and private partners to help raise funds for local businesses impacted by the East Village gas explosion.

An application for financial assistance has been made available for eligible businesses, and the deadline to apply is Wednesday, July 22. We have been going door-to-door to notify businesses, in addition to reaching out by email and through community based partners. The application deadline has been extended to provide more businesses the opportunity to submit an application.

Following the close of the extended application period, applicants will be contacted individually to provide additional supporting information. Assistance grants are expected to be distributed at the end of the month.

Applicants can contact the LES BID at 212-226-9010 for more information or download an application at, the comprehensive community web portal established in March to share information about ongoing recovery efforts. Eligible businesses include establishments within the immediate impact zone.

Funds available for this grant program come from a variety of sources, mainly community-based donors as well as other public and institutional partners, and will be disbursed to eligible applicants who have submitted application materials based on need and availability of funding resources.


Anonymous said...

How timely!

Anonymous said...

B&H still shut, STAGE still shut -- what will it take for NYC to HELP BUSINESSES REOPEN, instead of bureaucracy-ing them to death?

Anonymous said...

At 12:43 - Amen Amen!

I wonder how Mr Laughlin would sound if his paycheck were cut for 5 months. 'Just one more form!'