Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Someone paid $37,995 for 1 of Dee Dee Ramone's precision bass guitars

Picking this up from Dangerous Minds:

The Fender ‘75 precision bass has been hanging out in a private collection since the 80’s, gifted to its owner by the Ramones themselves. The bass is said to still be in playable condition and even came in the original case (with a Ramones stencil on the back). Also included was a letter from Monte Melnick, the band’s former road manager, validating the instrument’s authenticity. Dee Dee played the Fender Precision for most of his too-short career and used them pretty much exclusively from 1974-1988, favoring the model with the black pickguard from 1975-1977.

Meanwhile, here's Dee Dee singing and playing the bass in 1985...


Tina Weymouth said...

The Fender Precision is a great bass. That's what I play too.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the buyer ever even saw them live.