Friday, August 5, 2016

Esperanto Fonda is open on 1st Street

Avenue C mainstay Esperanto has opened its satellite location at 58 E. First St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

Esperanto Fonda, which has room for some 30 diners, also offers food to go. Per a recent preview at DNAinfo:

Esperanto Fonda will allow patrons to grab to-go-friendly items such as tacos, empanadas, burritos, and a Cubano sandwich with roasted pork loin, ham, melted Swiss cheese and mojo sauce.

The cocktail menu includes the Caipirinha, Mojitos and Brazilian Sangria. (Espernato Fonda's food or drink menus aren't online just yet.)

The previous tenant, BARA, a French/Japanese bar-restaurant, closed after service on June 11.


Anonymous said...

Well, maybe they'll move from Avenue C and take all the Euro trash with them.

Anonymous said...

Psssh c'mon son @6:20 - it's a cool little spot that's been there for many many years, and it's Brazilian - I don't see the Euro trash connection. Save your hate for Zum Schneider douchery.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe you dont have to walk by it every day-evening-Saturday-Sunday brunch and if you did you'd probably get pissed off too. Pissed off because it'd be great to have a local, low-key restaurant on that corner, to complement the completely unhinged Wayland, on the adjacent corner, catering to unhinged millennials douching down for the weekend.