Thursday, February 12, 2015

Morning rush: Stand Coffee now serving in the back of Baohaus on East 14th Street

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This past Saturday, Stand Coffee made its debut in the back of Baohaus, Eddie Huang's quick-serve Taiwanese restaurant at 238 E. 14th St. just west of Second Avenue.

"We were thinking there was some value in the times before restaurants and bars open in neighborhoods where the rent is too high or the demand too low for modest specialty coffee," Stand proprietor Bryan Hasho explained in an email.

So every day from 7-11:30 a.m., before Baohaus opens for the day, the Stand serves coffee from Greenpoint's Cafe Grumpy.

"We just carry our whole rig out the front door into our van when the Baohaus folks are ready to serve," said Hasho, who previously worked for Blue Bottle Coffee.

So far, he said that the reaction to the coffee has been excellent, albeit sparse. If the idea works here, then Stand Coffee will look to explore other spaces to serve from in the morning hours.

"[Baohaus] is our first so we're committing all our resources to making this one perfect," Hasho said, "but one of the really great things about the model is we can experiment with different shops and spaces and see what works."


Anonymous said...

This just struck me. Everyone knows that sharing an apartment with roommates brings the rent down for everyone involved. Could this be the new trend in commercial real-estate with two simpatico businesses sharing to make ends meet?

Anonymous said...

Business shares are a great idea. We have time share condos, couch shares in apartments, and parent shares in playgrounds, so why not business? I see a lot of possibilities here between morning businesses and night businesses. All the bank, which we complain about as being sterile and ubiquitous, can become colorful and dynamic night clubs after 7PM. Yes, "The Chase Experience."

Anonymous said...

Interested in what kind of permits are required to allow another business to operate in your space.

@evgrieve let us know if you have an idea

Anonymous said...

good idea! common sense lives.

Anonymous said...

Baohaus is chill!