Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Drilling and soil testing commences at the long-empty lot at 89 1st Ave.

[EVG photo from September 2014]

As you may recall, we heard a rumor last fall that there were preliminary plans in place to build a 7-floor residential building in the long-emtpy lot at 89 First Ave. between East Fifth Street and East Sixth Street.

The rumor gained strength in March when workers cut down 10 trees and cleared the brush from the lot.

There still aren't any permits on file with the DOB noting impending construction ... however, workers recently cleared out the weeds growing in the lot.

And yesterday, EVG reader Sam Teichman spotted a crew inside the lot during the morning hours...

[Photo by Sam Teichman]

And this morning, EVG reader EVA spotted workers drilling and soil testing on the lot ... usually a sign of incoming development.

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I am having a hard time seeing the crew. Is the Grievestrator in Montauk getting naked and drunk?!

EV Arrow said...


As always, I am here and available for work. But the publisher wanted to wait to see the non-farm payrolls report that is due on Friday before assigning any more arrows.

Anonymous said...

the same truck has been seen on east 2nd street between b&c(garden of misfit toys)--the same old woman owns both lots, so i fear development is in the future. it was always her desire to keep the lots as gardens and has refused sale many times. she must have passed away, and the man she chose to care for them(especially east 2nd st) must have gotten gready and decided to sell them(against her wishes) to make a quick buck