Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First look at the new Puebla Mexican Food in Essex Street Market

Photos and text by Stacie Joy

When we last saw Irma Marin in March, she was shuttering her much-loved, 25-year-old restaurant on First Avenue due to rent/landlord issues.

[EVG photo from March]

As we first reported at the time, Marin was looking into possibly opening a Puebla Mexican Food stall at the Essex Street Market.

Here's some good news for those who love her burritos, tacos and tortas, not to mention her guacamole, mole, and salsa — she’s

Marin and her family were able to secure a new spot at the Essex Street Market ... and we got a chance to see her last week right after she received approval for the space.

Marin says she’ll have a similar menu to her restaurant at 47 First Ave. between East Second Street and East Third Street. She'll also be offering delivery via the usual sources — Seamless, Grub Hub, Delivery.com, etc.

The current space, which will have several stools for diners, is a place-holder where she can vend until sometime in 2018, when the new Essex Street Market is slated to open. Marin and her family have been promised a spot at the new location.

As of now, she is several weeks out from opening her new Puebla Mexican Food. She said that she can’t wait to see her old customers again — and to meet some new faces.

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Anonymous said...

Especially good news since Brooklyn Taco moved out of the market. Best of luck!

Unknown said...

LOVE them ,welcome back,can't wait.GOOD NEWS !!!

Anonymous said...

Same stall as Brooklyn Taco, FYI.

VH McKenzie said...

Much respect for the small business entrepreneurs!!! Good luck, Irma!

Anonymous said...

After eating at Rosie's on 2nd and 2nd last night I am going back to the local places like Puebla with authentic Mexican food. Rosies food is so bland, their quesadillas were tasteless and shells were like cardboard, the rice looked and tasted like bland quinoa and the black beans were more like mushy black lentils, nothing tasted right. Even their "Mexican Coke" was some fake artisanal soda from Maine. Mexican Coke from Maine? The place was way too hot, it felt like 100 degrees inside since they keep al the doors open and the taco grill is right in the middle of the restaurant. On one of the hottest days they refused to turn up the AC.Next time it''s Taco Morelo or Sabor a Mexico on 1st Ave, these new fancy Mexican places just overcharge you for bland food.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news!!
East Village Corner

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Happy news!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Yayyyyyy can't wait to have the guac again

Anonymous said...

really great news, this was one of the truly authentic places in our 'hood. great that she'll be back!

Philip Trevino said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Can't wait to be a return customer!

Hey19 said...

Welcome to Essex Mkt, I like Puebla, hopefully you will stay open till closing time, Brooklyn Taco would usually close early, denying us 9-5ers of delicious Mexican food.

Its good to see something move in to Essex Market, it has been a net outflow lately. Saxelby is great, the Greek Lady is great, and all the produce is very handy on my way home every day. I walk through every day, sometimes just for the AC, but I usually end up w something for dinner etc...