Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week in Grieview

[10th and A Friday evening by Grant Shaffer]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

Reports: Man shot and killed on East 12th Street outside Campos Plaza on Thursday night (Friday)

Bartender at Villa Cemita on Avenue A accused of sexual assault (Tuesday)

A celebration of Streit's Matzo Factory on Avenue A (Thursday)

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara now looking into deed lift at 45 Rivington St. (Wednesday)

Dempsey's Pub closing after 24 years (Friday)

Mr. Moustache Coffee Shop signage arrives on East 14th Street (Tuesday)

Early-morning wake-up call courtesy of alarms at P.S. 64 (Wednesday)

Confectionery, a vegan chocolate shop and bakery, coming soon to 440 E. Ninth St. (Wednesday)

Iggy Pop in Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday)

The Bean apologizes after telling resident with respiratory illness to vacate its outdoor benches (Tuesday)

BP has closed on East Houston; 1 gas station remains below 14th Street in NYC (Friday)

City Council to hear gas safety legislation (Monday)

TakeMeHome Rotisserie Chicken looks to be closed (Wednesday)

114 E. 10th St. returns for a few million more (Thursday)

Desi Galli asset for long-empty 172 Avenue B (Monday)

First U.S. outpost of Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan opening on 10th Street and Fourth Avenue (Thursday)

The Royal closes on Fourth Avenue (Monday)

4Knots Music Festival returns to the South Street Seaport this summer; Guided by Voices headline (Wednesday)

The Crocodile Lounge introduces its new clean, green awning (Monday)

There's finally a listing for the shuttered American Apparel space on East Houston and Orchard (Monday)

Capital One Café opens July 11 on Union Square (Wednesday)

Burglars help themselves to bottle service at Suffolk Arms (Monday)

Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel at 215 Chrystie St. will have plenty of places to drink and eat (Thursday)

Luxurified 55 Third Ave. now on the market for $65 million (Monday)

... and a photo of Adam Sandler from Wednesday on Avenue B at 14th Street ... after filming a scene for Noah Baumbach's new comedy "Yeh Din Ka Kissa," co-starring Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson and Ben Stiller..

[Photo by Robert Galinksy]

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