Monday, August 15, 2016

DumplingGuo is now open on 2nd Avenue

The restaurant offering dumplings and hot pot is now open on Second Avenue at 12th Street.

DumplingGuo began life as Dumpling Go here, and closed for parts of the spring and summer for a revamp.

We posted a copy of their menu here.


Anonymous said...

I can barely make out the "Guo" part in their typeface. There's been a lot of bargain-basement design for storefronts lately for some reason.

DrBOP said...

Dumpling Goo?

Sounds like Chinese Rouxs

You Go GOO!

Anonymous said...

I've tried when they were still DumplingGo and it was horrible. The people that they hired didn't know how to cook the dumplings so mostly the pan fried dumplings were still raw inside.

However, last week I gave a chance when they re-opened. It was a different experience. It's great. You could tell the quality of the food is way better. It might be because it's hot pot. The staff was friendly but one thing I noticed, it's a little bit pricy. I will come back when the weather gets colder.