Monday, August 1, 2016

Mono + Mono coming soon — again!

[Photo from last week]

Last week a reader tipped us off to the fact that a flower shop was in bloom operating out of the former Mono + Mono space at 116 E. Fourth St.

A recap of what happened to the restaurant that specialized in Korean fried chicken (and with a collection of jazz records): In April 2013, a two-alarm fire swept through the single-level building. Through the years the owners provided multiple updates that they'd return to the space between First Avenue and Second Avenue. That never happened. And then when the signs arrived for the florist, it seemed as if the Mono + Mono return plans were kaput.

But! There is an amendment to the signage... that Mono + Mono is still in the works...

The last update of the M+M Facebook page is from October 2014 (and it's for the Food Network New York City Wine and Food Festival). The M+M website site is currently down. The GoDaddy notice says it expired on July 15, and is "pending renewal or deletion." The M+M phone number is no longer in service.

Meanwhile, we have yet to see anyone inside the shop. And the number goes to a generic voice-mail box.

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Anonymous said...

Unlike most of you punks I am old enough to remember Mono + Mono. So for me this is slightly good news.

Michael Ivan said...

dang 4:03pm, from way back in 2013? tell us more about yesteryear .. :p ... with you though; good chicken good jazz and good owners in a, drum roll, good space. Turn table chicken is okay, their low-fi setup for music is cool. No replacement for mono though, which now memory returning, always offered good happy hour and other food and drink deals. Jah bless.