Friday, July 13, 2018

NYC's first Fithouse is no longer open on the Bowery

The city's first Fithouse location, which debuted to a lot of press in March at 276 Bowery just south of Houston, has closed.

Gymgoers are instructed to head over to the new outpost in NoHo (712 Broadway near Washington Place).

The boutique fitness brand, which offers high-intensity interval training, pilates, yoga and barre classes under one roof for $99 a month, has plans to open NYC 12 locations.

According to the Post in February: "As part of its fast-paced expansion, FitHouse will use so-called shotgun leases — extremely flexible arrangements that allow the landlord or the studio to cancel with a 60- or 90-day notice."

Sounds as if Fithouse took the shotgun approach on the Bowery, though the official word from the new Noho branch is that this was just a pop-up location.

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone pay a monthly fee for a place that might not be in the same location tomorrow? Sounds annoying.

Giovanni said...

“An exercise studio? On The Bowery? They might as well exercise their option to get out of the lease right now."

That was my comment on this ludicrous business idea back in March. I’m glad they took my advice. Appreenly it only took them 2 months to figure out it was tme to give their 60 day notice. I hope they told their new customers they were leaving this space before they signed them up for $99 a month.

Welcome to the Bowery, where dreams and businesses go to die.