Sunday, July 8, 2018

Report: Homeless man attacks 3 women in 'drunken rampage' last night

Police say a homeless man attacked three women, including two with a bike lock, in a "drunken rampage" last night in the East Village.

According to the Post:

The man went off the rails at about 11:15 p.m. Saturday, when he cut off a 20-year-old woman on his bicycle on E. 11th Street near Second Avenue — then allegedly shoved her to the ground and pummeled her in the face with his fist, cops said.

He allegedly struck again at Third Avenue and E. 15th Street around midnight, smacking an 18-year-old girl in the face with a bike lock so hard that she lost a tooth, officials said.

Moments later, near 14th Street and Second Avenue, he clocked a 20-year-old woman in the back of the head with the bike lock, police said.

Police identified the man as Carlos Munoz, 23. Following his arrest, he was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon.


JQ LLC said...

The bad days are back. Be aware of your surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Assault? He should be arrested for two counts of attempted murder for the second and third attacks. The first attack, ok, he assaulted someone, but the second and third attacks were premeditated and were potentially fatal to his victims. Throw the book at him.

Where was the cop on the beat? Oh, I forgot, they're only out when they're throwing parties in Tompkins Square Park.

The East Village needs ten beat cops (one for each avenue: 1st through 4th, A through D,
and three roving ones who walk the side street.)

Anonymous said...

This is De Blasio's NYC - where he gets all the perks of being mayor without having to give a damn about what happens to regular citizens. IMO, he's beyond useless.

I hope they throw the book (and a couple of bike locks) at this attacker.

Giovanni said...

I saw this on the Citizen app, which is a must if you donlt already have it. The alert popped up to be on this lookout for a guy on a bike who had struck a woman in the head with a bike lock. That got my attention, so I clicked into the app to see what was happening.

The video of the arrest is quite disturbing. There were a ton of cops standing around him as he leaned up against the building on 3rd Ave next to the Penny Farthing, and he started throwing up all over the sidewalk. The massive heaving went on forever as the cops just stood back to let him finish, and many people out for the evening just strolled through, over and around the biggest river of vomit you have ever seen as if nothing was going on. So he was clearly very drunk when he went on his rampage, but that’s no excuse. And now I can’t unsee than awful video.

The fact that he went after three different women, and only women, shows he has some other serious issues besides thr alcohol. I hope they lock.him up for good and that all three women recover soon.

Shawn said...

Citizen is pretty wild - it was called "Vigilante" before and Apple pulled it.

It's just 911 calls, and if you follow each you'll find that 80% of them are nonsense. I don't know how the NYPD does it - they get so many crank / false calls. Like the so-called gunshots on Ave C which were OBVIOUSLY fireworks.

Listen to the 9th Precinct Central dispatch - 476.43750 MHZ it's fantastic. You get to hear what's going on before Citizen.

It gives you such empathy for the NYPD and what they have go go through shift after shift.

LPIFLY said...

Saw this also... Had no idea one could barf that much liquid. Totally more messed up knowing he's homeless with the resources out there and nothing to lose. At least he'll be nice and sheltered in jail.

2017gotham said...

The acceptance of homeless people commingling with us in our neighborhood is disturbing. I agree that the EV has character and “authenticity” but it should not be accepted as a self made homeless shelter.

A couple of weeks ago while taking my dog out for an early morning break, I heard dogs growling and crying. Ran around the corner of A & 12th St to find a woman’s small dog (on leash) being attacked by an off leash large dog accompanied by a homeless person. Passers quickly stepped in to help the woman and her small dog. People were calling 911 as the homeless person gathered all of his sh!t and ran off. The woman rushed her small dog away to the emergency vet.

sophocles said...

I suppose in a free society those without homes are going to "comingle" with those with homes. I am more bothered by airbnb tourists coming and going in my building.

Jen said...

Giovanni - you mentioned that the video of the arrest is disturbing. Out of curiosity, is there a way to watch it?

Giovanni said...

Jen—the videos are on the Citizen app, just zoom the Citizen map down onto 13th st and 3rd Ave to filter the stories. The list below the map will show you a story called “assailant apprehended,” there are still several videos of the incident still there. And it’s pretty gross.

Giovanni said...

Here’s a link for those without the app as well: