Thursday, July 12, 2018

Taiwan Bear House bringing bento boxes and bubble tea to 10th Street

Taiwan Bear House will be opening an outpost on 10th Street at First Avenue (between Snowdays and United Copy & Print in the same building that houses Tarallucci E Vino).

The cafe sells a variety of bubble tea, bento boxes and fried chicken.

The restaurant opened its first outpost on Pell Street in 2015, and earned a "Critic's Pick" at the Times.

Per the Times:

The fried chicken is inspired by the “popcorn” style of chicken sold at night markets in Taiwan, boneless hunks of meat perfumed with Chinese five-spice and slightly feverish, with a chewiness just under the surface. The pork chop is dredged not in the usual sweet potato starch but in panko. Purists may object, but the sheath of crumbs comes out well bronzed, somehow crispy and wispy at once.

Still, if I had to choose, I would forgo pork chop or chicken for a larger heap of that minced pork, the cheapest bento option, and the best.

You can find their menu here.

Thanks to Steven for the photo and tip!



Ugh... Enough with the bento boxes, slurp bowls and noodle teas already...

Anonymous said...

Im actually looking for more bento boxes. They are Japanese and Japanese cuisine is not part of this new trend of Chinese food, this new place notwithstanding.