Monday, July 2, 2018

The Continental gets a 3-month reprieve

[Photo from June 3]

The Continental was set to close this past weekend after a 27-year run at 23 Third Ave.

However, on Saturday morning, Trigger, The Continental's owner, announced the following on Facebook:

"[M]y lease at Continental got extended 3 months!

We have till approximately early October so please come by ..."

So a few more months of the six-shots-of-anything-for-$12 deal.

Permits were filed on March 15 to demolish the low-rise buildings here at 3 St. Mark’s Place, 23 and 25-27 Third Avenue.

A seven-story, 66,000-square-foot office building with ground-floor retail is reportedly slated for this corner. However, plans for this new building haven't been made public to date.

As previously reported, the McDonald's, Papaya King and Korilla BBQ have already closed.

The smaller shops on the St. Mark's side have mostly moved on ... Unique Collection is headed to Bleecker Street ...

These two places remain...

The E Smoke Shop on the corner is also gone (they merged with the other Smoke Shop down the block) ...

I came upon the tail-end of this scene early Saturday morning... apparently workers from the E Smoke Shop cleaned out the store by piling everything atop (and next to) the trash can on the corner... much to the dismay of the sanitation crew who had to clean up the extra mess...

Afterwards, one of the sanitation workers walked across St. Mark's Place and yelled toward the E Smoke Shop: "Have a nice day. ANIMALS."

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Anonymous said...


Giovanni said...

Three more months of cheap alcohol shots? I am literally speechless.

Anonymous said...

Three more months until we have to endure demolition and construction obstruction?

Anonymous said...

Oh God, three more months of the Continental Divide!! Has Mayor Bill DB. or the 9th precinct every fined them for keeping their doors open and running the AC? This is one bar that will not be missed, not because of the Frat boys and Sorority girls drinking there and making noise but because in all the years it has been a blight on the neighborhood it has never been part of the neighborhood. Not a place to meet friends like the Grass Roots was or Bull McCabe's is. Not sorry to see it go. Why couldn't it have been July 1?

JQ LLC said...

I never liked that club. Good Riddance.