Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Silky Kitchen signage arrives on 13th Street

[Photo by Laura K.]

The Silky signage — touting "Authentic Hunan Delicacies" — is up at 137 E. 13th St. between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue.

Still don't know much about the place, other than it will be an all-day restaurant with hours of 9 a.m. to midnight daily, per their beer-wine application on the CB3 website. Silky doesn't appear to have any social-media presence (or website) just yet.

The space was previously home to Mandolino Pizzeria, which closed in March after a 14-month run.

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Silky Kitchen set for 13th Street


Anonymous said...

Great, another asian spot. What is happening to EV?? There cannot be THAT much demand for this type of cuisine.

Anonymous said...

everyone wants to the next xian famous foods but i think anyone who knows about that guys success it takes a lot of sacrifice and hard work ...... oh and great spicy lamb noodle recipes :)

sophocles said...

4:02 PM a number of newer places are doing a fine business, e.g. Mountain House, MaLa Project, Little Tong, others, not so fine. It will be survival of the finest. Xi'an remains good, but it no longer stands out in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Yuan was very good but couldn’t survive. There are some older Chinese restaurants that aren’t so good but are well established and will keep their customers. I think it’s more a question of location and rent that will determine which ones last.