Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Neapolitan Express comes to a halt for now on 2nd Avenue

The Neapolitan Express outpost on Second Avenue between First Street and Second Street has not been open in recent weeks during its advertised business hours...

There's nothing about a temporary or permanent closure on the Neapolitan Express website or social media properties. Calls to this restaurant go to a voicemail box that hasn't been set up... no one responded to an email about the pizzeria's status on Second Avenue.

Neapolitan Express opened here in February 2018. The company started its business life as a food truck. Per the Neapolitan website: "Originally launched in 2013 as the world’s first Eco Friendly Food Truck, Neapolitan Express was officially introduced by lead investors, energy innovators and business tycoons T. Boone Pickens of Clean Energy Fuels and Mayor Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg L.P."

As for those trucks, at least three of them have been spotted outside the Second Avenue outpost during non-food-truck hours...

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