Tuesday, September 10, 2019

171 Avenue A ready for another restaurant

[Photo by Steven]

A for rent sign is up now in the front window at 171 Avenue A between 10th Street and 11th Street.

The broker signage notes "Newly built restaurant fully vented."

As documented here, restaurateurs have had a challenging time making anything work in the space in recent years.

Chinese Graffiti went dark in July without any notice of a closure — temporary or permanent. The Asian-American gastropub had just opened here in early March, drawing praise for its offbeat menu items.

Recent ventures here include Chao Chao, which closed without any notice to patrons in May 2017 after six months in business. Chao Chao evolved from Soothsayer, which opened in January 2016. Soothsayer, from the same operators, also closed without any notice to patrons at the end of September 2016.

B.A.D. Burger made it work here for four years until early 2015 — and without a liquor license.

The listing for the address is not yet online.


noble neolani said...

One has to be passionate beyond reason to open a restaurant in this city.

Anonymous said...

When spots like this turn over constantly, isn't it generally assumed the landlord must be the culprit?

Anonymous said...

The disgusting photo they are displaying would certainly turn people AWAY from that location.