Friday, January 10, 2020

Hopes for a January opening at the all-new Baji Baji on 1st Avenue

Good news for Jay Yang, owner of the recently revamped China Star at 145 First Ave. near Ninth Street.

EVG regular Lola Sáenz shared this photo yesterday — after Con Ed signed off on all the work following a second inspection.

Starting last summer, Yang set out to upgrade his quick-serve restaurant. He unveiled Baji Baji in the space this past fall. However, the renovations got bogged down, and there was a wait time with various kitchen inspections, including the FDNY and Con Ed, who asked him to make some changes following the first pass late last year.

Now Yang is hiring staff with hopes of being open in two weeks.

You can read our interview from October 2017 with Yang at this link.


squish said...

Been wondering what happened to China Star. I really hope they keep the fried chicken on the menu.

Patricia Kennealy Morrison said...

I do hope it will be back with all the old favorites. Though a name like Baji Baji doesn’t connote a humble neighborhood takeout...

Jay yang said...

Thanks everyone for all the support . We are expecting to soft opening by the end of this week .

@Patricia Kennealy Morrison althought restaurant has changed but the menu remain mostly the same .