Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Crush story: About the home winemaker in the East Village

For the past four years, East Village resident Matt Baldassano has been operating a winery that produces 10 different wines out of his 550-square-foot, ground-floor apartment.

Thrillist has his story today.

A third generation urban winemaker, he says the alcoholic grape juice is in his blood. And he’s also quick to point out that he has help: Matt started what’s today known as the Village Winery Club; it now has more than 100 members who pay dues (the cheapest membership goes for $200) to cover all of his operating expenses, labor, and even his rent, and in return they get to go to events during the wine-making process, plus access to bottles.

Club members also get to help crush the grapes used for the wines on his outdoor patio. And all this operates under the state's home wine-making laws, which limit the amount of wine one can make, and also prevent him from selling it by the bottle, per Thrillist.

The Times wrote about Baldassano back in October 2012.


uncle Pete said...

very much liking this. anyone tried his stuff? what an awesome way to make a living

Anonymous said...

Does he own the apt.? Otherwise using residence as business. Wonder if rent regulated apt.

Anonymous said...

It's it craft or artisan

Anonymous said...

I've been a member since the beginning, and the wine started out pretty good (a little bit of a homemade taste), but I have to say over the years, it is now GREAT. The whole experience is so much fun, but I'm amazed now at how good the wine is now! Plus, it makes for a fun gift, showing up to a friends' place with a bottle of wine you hand made.