Monday, July 6, 2015

Dewatering 98-100 Avenue A

On Saturday we wrote about the generator and steam (not smoke or fire) coming from behind the plywood along 98-100 Avenue A, Ben Shaoul's retail-residential complex coming between East Sixth Street and East Street.

According to a new sign on the plywood:

"We are currently performing dewatering on this construction site. This is condensation (water vapor) coming up through the pipes. There is no fire, no smoke, and no reason for alarm."

So what's going on behind that plywood? EVG reader John Cline shared these photos of the dewatering process...

[Click on image for more details]

After a seemingly long time, the demolition of the former theater-turned-grocery ended last November. No word on when the new building will be finished.

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Anonymous said...

There's a generator running here NON-STOP. I have filed several complaints with 311. Weekends, nights, way after hours. It's extremely loud when you open windows.

Anonymous said...

And the dewatering goes on . . . baby, you are living a fantasy. We are marshlands and no amount of asphalt or overpriced bars can cover up that fact.

Quick build and turnover, as Ben Shaoul would say, and let the condo consumer see her investment sink.

Anonymous said...

The number of after hours permits that have been approved for this site is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Would this explain the roach problem I've been having as of late? Their home is drying up and they are being forced out to neighboring buildings?