Thursday, July 2, 2015

That's it for Unidentified Flying Chickens on 3rd Avenue

The East Village outpost of the Jackson Heights-based Korean fried chicken restaurant at 60 Third Ave. had been closed all of June for a ceiling repair, according to a note on the door.

It seemed unlikely that UFC would actually reopen, given that the address here between East 10th Street and East 11th Street will be home soon to another location of Blockheads, the San Francisco-style Mexican restaurant from the folks who launched Benny's Burritos.

To little surprise then, workers have stripped off the signage from the restaurant this week and packed up the interior. No word just yet when the Blockheads will arrive. UFC opened on Third Avenue last July… and they lasted much longer than the previous tenant. Après closed after just three weeks.


Anonymous said...

Three weeks is something of a record, but maybe it's time to start keeping a spread sheet of these cannibalistic openings and closings.

Oh, or maybe the CITY OF NEW YORK ought to be doing this!

Charlie said...

I think that EVGrieve does a pretty good job of linking to former articles on previous establishments.

City of NY already does this, in terms of the building permit history. However, it needs to do a better job of listing the names of the establishments, in terms of listing its DBA name.

Anonymous said...

They were never worthy of my hoof.