Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Drybar opens on Ludlow Street tomorrow

EVG reader Alta Tseng shared this photo from... 179 Ludlow St., the building next to Katz's...

As the Commercial Observer first reported in August, the California-based salon chain Drybar signed a 10-year deal ($150 per square foot) in the retail space of the condoplex

And Drybar, the 13th in the city and the first in this neighborhood, opens tomorrow (Friday!) per the signage.

The condoplex earned the nickname "The Rat Castle" from the Voice back in 2008. (The then-abandoned project attracted rats galore at the time.)

As BoweryBoogie noted in August: "An ironic name for this Hell Square newcomer, though; in an area pillaged with liquor licenses, a Drybar moves in."

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Anonymous said...

I've been wondering since this announcement about drybar was posted why there were no comments. It's a chain store, and that usually gets the ire of EV Grieve readers spilling over. Or is it because the only thing that tweaks the interest of some readers is the opening and closing of restaurants? Like other businesses that open (even if they are chains), drybar contributes to expanding the employment rolls.