Friday, November 18, 2016

EV Grieve Etc.: Slow Zone update; L train shutdown plans

[Photo outside 51 Astor Place via Derek Berg]

Jared Kushner, whose company Westminster City Living is the second-largest East Village landlord (following Steve Croman), eyes a White House job with father-in-law Donald Trump (The Wall Street Journal)

The new plan to beef up bus and train service for L train riders when the shutdown happens (Streetsblog)

Benefits seen from the East Village slow zones (The Villager)

[Window work on Avenue B by Shawn Chittle]

Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Anne Miller Rogen checked out new First Street condos (New York Post ... previously)

Quality time with Dora (Laura Goggin Photography)

Thanksgiving at Katz's (The Lo-Down)

Video: The huge dumpling at Drunken Dumpling (Eater)

Isabelle Huppert retrospective (Metrograph)

David Lynch's "Lost Highway" at midnight this weekend (Sunshine Cinema)

Pearl River Mart reopens in Tribeca (NY1)


Anonymous said...

Joke's on stupid Kushner who doesn't realize his father-in-law is an Anti-Semite.

Anonymous said...

One day you're harassing tenants out of their East Village tenements, the next you're in the White House calling shots. What a world.

Anonymous said...

On MSNBC -- Jared Kushner was just described as being mild mannered and not very bright, I think the words that were used we "he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer." The writer from Vanity Fair said his grades in school weren't very good, so his father basically made some big donation so he could get his kid into Harvard. And this guy is our next President's right hand man? No wonder his tenants In the West Village were just recently complaining about the dangerous and shoddy conditions, with floods and illegal electrical wiring so bad they had to move out, He can't even manage a 4 story walkup.

Anonymous said...

They also said on MSNBC that Trump will probably give a pardon to Jared Kushners father Charles, who served jail time and is a convicted felon. As a result, Charles Kushner lost his law license in three states. Giving out such a pardon is a conflict of interest, since Jared is his son in law, and Charles is grandfather to three of Trump's grandchildren, but what do you expect? It's Trumps world, we just live in it until he can evict us.

IzF said...

Great shot Derek Berg!!!!

derek berg said...

IzF, thanks.