Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Storefronts at 110 E. 7th St. for rent

The for rent sign showed up this past Friday at 110 E. Seventh St., the former home of Porchetta.

The 8-year-old, quick-serve restaurant, which specialized in Italian-style roast pork sandwiches and platters, closed several weeks ago here between Avenue A and First Avenue.

Co-owner Matt Lindemulder told me that he was exploring several options and was looking forward to getting Porchetta up and running as soon as possible in a new location.

And it appears that both retail spaces at the address are available, according to the listing. (The rent is available upon request.) The other space housed Salon Seven. I do not know their status at the moment.

Neither here nor there but the Winick listing has a rundown of the neighboring businesses, four of which have closed or relocated.

The landlord is listed as Jakobson Properties.

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Anonymous said...

The Salon owner, Mark is moving on from the location after ~20 years, he himself has decided to rent a chair in another space in the EV.