Monday, November 14, 2016

Future Swiss Institute gets the plywood treatment on 2nd Avenue and St. Mark's Place

On Friday, workers started putting up the plywood around the former Chase branch on Second Avenue and St. Mark's Place...

As previously reported, the Swiss Institute, a non-profit cultural center currently located on Wooster Street, has signed a lease for the whole building...

There aren't any permits on file with the DOB as of this morning about the renovation of this space. According to the previously distributed news advisory on the relocation:

Swiss Institute has hired Selldorf Architects to oversee the transformation of its new building. The 7,500 square foot space features four levels – basement, ground, second floor, and roof. The design for the building will create spaces for exhibitions, projects and public programs, a library, a bookstore, and a usable rooftop.

ARTnews floated a rumor that there will be a biergarten on the building's roof. A little early for more confirmation on that.

The Chase merged with the location two blocks to the north last November.

Steven took the above photos on Saturday... by yesterday, the ads had arrived...

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Anonymous said...

Is it illegal to adify green plywood?

Does the plywood HAVE to be green, or can it be any color?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is illegal. It's illegal to post up anything on private or public property and you could get fined for it.

Anonymous said...

Just for a laugh y'all: it took me several EVG stories to realize this was the SWISS Institute, not the Swedish Institute, which teaches massage!

Either is/would be a good addition to our nabe. XO