Monday, November 21, 2016

Mayor de Blasio calls for unity during anti-hate rally at Cooper Union this morning

Mayor de Blasio spoke at Cooper Union's Great Hall this morning to continue spreading a message of unity in NYC.

Per the Daily News:

De Blasio ... said it's important for New York to be at the forefront of a burgeoning anti-Trump movement because this city has always been a beacon of opportunity all over the world.

He urged the crowd — which twice gave him a standing ovation — to "always be proud of our values."

"The president-elect talked during the campaign about the movement that he had built. Now its our turn to build a movement, a movement of the majority," he said.

You can read a full transcript of his speech here ... including remarks by First Lady Chirlane McCray. Other speakers were FDNY chaplain Rev. Ann Kansfield, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik and NYPD chaplain Imam Khalid Latif.


Anonymous said...

Yeah this guy is gonna protect us like he has done so far by allowing for the sale of rivington house and an entire row of tenements to his campaign donor for lux housing and a hotel respectively. He is using the spectre of Trump to fuel his re-election campaign, exploiting legitimate fear for his own political gain. Yes we need to stand against Trump and thousands of people have poured into the streets to do that and you had nothing to do with that Bill in case you didn't notice, so we don't need you to defend us, we can do that fine ourselves thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

@9:07 PM So would you prefer to have Mayor Bloomberg still around, kissing Trump's butt while giving away the city block by block to his super rich friends? Let's face it, Bloomerg's only real problem with Trump was that Trump was not as rich as he claimed to be. Or would you rather have Mayor DeBlasio standing up to Trump when it comes to human rights, healthcare, and stop and frisk? Bloomberg was Mr Stop and Frisk, DeBlasio basically ended it. As imperfect a Mayor as he ihas been, I prefer to have a guy who may have finally found his calling in life by accidentally stumbling into the right side of history than a guy who shook down every minority in the city he could get away with, and who gave away the housing market to billionaire oligarchs.

JQ LLC said...

This city is STILL giving away the housing market to billionaire oligarchs. Also billionaire venture capital and private equity firms. Despite the optics when during De Faustio's inauguration and Bloomies squirming, our corrupt mayor has continued his draconian lunatic policies. Look at the streets, everyday there is some bullshit event and it's all tied to high end upscale living, dining and even bar crawling. Especially the latter, there is a reason there is a bar within every breath in the niche areas, and although they look like dives for aesthetic reasons, they are not cheap.

Don Worthless winning, despite all the dangerous implications is going to be a big boon to all these establishment hack democrats who strings are pulled by rival big moneyed interests of the president elect. And that's going by the recent protests arranged by overpaid council people and government funded centers like our libraries and shady non-profit groups.

Let's not forget that the Blaz and Andy, who also made a superficial unity speech, are under investigation by the feds. And our corrupt mayor is spending our tax dollars on a mega law firm to find the loopholes and defend his city hall superpac, selective city service and other profligate spending.

And there was the time when he wanted to land a chopper on a baseball field uptown in the middle of a game.

Don't believe one pseudo-inspirational and pseudo-activist word from these crooked mouths.

Anonymous said...

He's jumping on people's fears, and he's gonna capitalize on that fear to position himself as the only one who can protect new Yorkers from Trump. It's a sad state of affairs that he is using this crisis to bolster his re election. He doesn't have anything going for him, he's a loser and a liar. He shits all over the Lower East Side. We are the his dumping ground. He needs to go.

Anonymous said...

So who is possibly going to get elected that can stand up to Big Real Estate? Jimmy McMullen, the rent is too damn high guy? Are you kidding me? You guys still dont get it -- ANYONE who gets elected Mayor of New York will be in the pocket of REBNY, because noone can get elected without their money and support. Big Real Estate is who runs this city, always has, and always will. DeBlasio is no different in that regard, but at least he pushed for rent freezes on rent stabilized apartments, and he will stand up to Trump to re-establish his progressive creds. If you replace him with someone like Bill Thompson or Scott Stringer you just get someone even less progressive who is still in the pockets of REBNY. Even Anthony Weiner, who would have been elected Mayor until his sexting scandal, was a REBNY tool who helped the City Council push through vacancy decontrol in the early 90s, which basically doomed rent stabilization into eventual extinction. Pick your poison, because you will never get a Mayor to stand up to big real estate. In case you haven't noticed, they own this town, literally.

Anonymous said...

It's politics as usual, both Trump and now De Blasio are using fear and false promises to build up a support base. The mayor outside of ending "stop and frisk" has done nothing different from Bloomberg and some may argue he has been more detrimental to the affordable housing market than his predecessor. Besides handing over affordable housing to his developer buddy for an unwanted oversized and out of place hotel in a residential neighborhood as already mentioned, he has accelerated the "rent off" of public parks and spaces (Astor Place) to corporate events which delight tourists but bring nothing but overcrowding, inconvenience and worst exclusion as with this past weekends "Game of Thrones" amusement park invasion. People are pissed off Mr Mayor, at you and Trump and we are not buying it from either of you.

Anonymous said...


De Blasio doesn't speak for me.

Anonymous said...

None of you get it. They are all corrupt. They are all liars.

cmarrtyy said...

If a referendum was held pro or con about NYC being a sanctuary city and losing 10 billion dollars, the issue would lose hands down. Mayor Bill is playing race politics. t put him in office once. Won't work again. You have to be mayor for everybody not just special interest groups.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:53AM - Oh, they get it well enough. They just don't want to get it. Because then they'd have to admit that they're lying to themselves first and foremost, which in fact makes them just like the people they claim to be against.