Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Former Sunburnt Cow space on Avenue C is the new home of Viking Waffles

The retail space at the renovated (and taller by one floor) 137 Avenue C has been on the market for the past 15 or so months. The building's ground-floor was previously home to drunk-brunch hotspot Sunburnt Cow until April 2014.

Now The Commercial Observer has the scoop on the new tenantViking Waffles, which is opening its first retail space here. The location will also serve as Viking's wholesale manufacturing business, currently housed in Long Island City.

So what are Viking Waffles? Per the VW website:

Unlike Belgian waffles, Norwegian waffles are thinner, softer, fluffier and their heart-like shape fits conveniently in your hand making for a great snack on the go.

Viking Waffles are all-natural, gluten free, ready-to-eat and packed with 24g of protein and only 2g of sugar!

The packaged waffles are currently sold just in gyms around the city such as Barry's Bootcamp and Solace Crossfit as well as retail outlets like Westside Market on Third Avenue and 12th Street.

The broker at No. 137 noted that Benedicte Engen, a Crossfit trainer who founded Viking Waffles, only signed a five-year lease because "if their sales continue the way they’ve been going they will surely outgrow the space."

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[Photo from April 2014]


Anonymous said...

"if their sales continue the way they’ve been going they will surely outgrow the space." - Talk about yer business bee ess! Should we give them, what, six months?

Michael Ivan said...

Such an ugly sterile building.. now with "vanilla" waffles to match.

Anonymous said...

Oh for fuck's sake. Can we get some actual food on C? Please?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what gluten is, only that if it's missing the food tastes horrible.

Shawn said...

9 months, tops. Taking bets.

Scuba Diva said...

At 12:31, Anonymous said:

I don't know what gluten is, only that if it's missing the food tastes horrible.

Gluten is a protein in wheat and a few other grains; a small percentage of humans are sensitive to it, and an even smaller percentage have celiac disease, meaning it makes them violently ill.

Anonymous said...

12:17 You mean other than Esperanto, Edi & the Wolf, Kafana and Casa Adela? Plenty of great food within 5 blocks.

Anonymous said...

I've bought these before at Westside. They are a decent snack on the run. (I travel for a living.)

I will def check out the retail space -- there will likely be a wider variety to choose from

Anonymous said...

Scandinavian tourists might keep this place going for a while longer than predicted by most here. I doubt waffles could be ever considered healthy no matter how little sugar they have, they certainly wont be flavorful. I guess if you get 2 Viking waffles and some other non food marshmallows from the place on 9th (?) street you have something worth eating.

East Village Eats said...

I'll take the under.

Anonymous said...

There are more places in the East Village for waffles and bagels than there are for books and records.

The march of the manboy / womangirl / kidult continues.

RIP East Village.

JQ LLC said...

those waffles look cheap, like those Daisy cakes at those chain pharmacies.

If I may digress from the issue, what the hell is with the Barry boot camp's? Is this for weak millenials to avoid enlisting?

JG said...

Save your money Shawn!

If she was just opening a waffle retail store, then I don't think this location would work for her. She may make it more than 9 months, but not much longer.

But this is an established business that is growing. The bulk of this space will be for creating her products that she sells to existing clients like Barry's Bootcamp. She's simply moving this part of the business from LIC. The retail is just syrup on the waffles. I for once agree with the broker. She won't be here too long because these waffles will go nationwide soon enough. (Just look at how many Barry's Bootcamps there are in the country.)

JQ LLC — the waffles are too expensive for my paycheck. But I will say I've had them several times, and they are tasty. And making waffles at home is a pain in the ass IMO. I hate doing dishes.

As for Barry's Bootcamp, it combines cardio and strength training in a 60-minute class. Too frenetic for me, but it's an excellent workout. I've taken several classes. The people in my classes ranged in age from 25 to 60 — majority being women in their 40s. It's not a millenial thing really.

Anonymous said...

I don't like waffles or exercise.

Giovanni said...

Give us a Waffle House, then I'll get excited.

Anonymous said...

Look, I know this comments section is a mix of stalwart curmudgeons and really nice people -- sometimes the two are the same : the curmudgeons are also really nice people!

HOWEVER, I had to take time out of my busy day to comment on a business that has not even opened. I know I will be shot down and denigrated. I even wonder why I bother to lend my voice to this forum, but I do so as I lived in the East Village for several decades and check this site to see what is leaving or coming in my old neighborhood. I felt at home in the East Village as I never did anywhere else. I am grateful to have lived here in many capacities (squat, RC apartment, RS apartment.)

I just wanted to say this lady sounds lovely. She is into fitness and health, and is bringing a taste of her native Norway to us. Isn't that what New York is about? To bring your dreams here and reinvent yourself?

I can't even imagine the visa struggles she may have had to move here. I no longer live in the US and I had to go through visa hell to live where I do -- but I still miss my old neighborhood, although I am grateful I have created a new life.

In any case: the product. I loved being able to buy Dutch Stroopwaffles here (store near St Marks) and growing up in the 60s and 70s America, I had Eggos for breakfast and I thought them wonderful and exotic as an immigrant child. These Viking waffles sound a really nice grab and go snack and I wish Ms. Engen good luck, especially with all the ill-will spouted on this particular comments section.

Anonymous said...

I was the first to complain about Empire Biscuits, but I am willing to give this waffle place a chance because they are offering healthy food, and it doesn't appear they will be catering to drunks. I am happy for any new business that isn't a bar or a magnet for screaming drunk people.

Anonymous said...

If Ray decided to sell Norwegian waffles along with the waffles he sells now all of you would be standing in line to try them and supporting him.

Anonymous said...

Would a business like this be better suited to Soho?