Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week in Grieview

[Yesterday morning on A and St. Mark's]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

Report: Man sentenced to 14 years for three sexual assaults in the East Village (Monday)

Porchetta has closed on 7th Street; owners searching for new location (Tuesday)

A look at the 12-floor retail-residential building coming to 79 Avenue D (Tuesday)

DOH temporarily closes McSorley's (Thursday)

Election day (Tuesday ... and the aftermath)

The Redhead closes for good in January (Monday)

About the Alamo spinning again without barricades on Astor Place (Tuesday)

A look inside the Kati Roll Company on Second Avenue (Tuesday)

Rendering (and porta-potty) watch: 75 1st Ave. (Friday)

Worrying about Healthfully (Friday)

On Avenue A, Soothsayer is now Chao Chao (Friday)

Turntable Lab latest business to vacate 7th Street between Avenue A and 1st Avenue (Thursday)

Luxury rental building sells for $10 million on Fifth Street (Tuesday)

Wowfulls bringing Hong Kong egg waffles to East Houston Street (Monday)

Here's your Tim Ho Wan full reveal on 10th Street and Fourth Avenue (Monday)

Live above the (soon-to-depart) Citibank at 50 Avenue A (Friday)

It takes a Poke Village (Monday)

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