Monday, November 7, 2016

It takes a Poke Village

Signage is up at 250 E. 14th St. ... where, under the sidewalk bridge, Poke Village is opening soon between Second Avenue and Third Avenue (if this helps, this storefront is right next to the Colonel...)

PV was OK'd for a beer-wine license in September. According to their application posted at the CB3 website, the hours are 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. There are five tables accommodating 15 guests. So perhaps this is more of a poke-to-go operation.

This is the second new poke place to open in the neighborhood this year, joining PokéSpot, which debuted on Fourth Avenue and 12th Street on Aug. 12.

No 250 was previously home to Saving$ Paradise, which merged with I.Q. Decor back in the spring.



Remind me, is poke the raw chum salad or those almost ready to hatch ducklings people eat live from the egg?

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that traditional Hawaiian poke is about the fresh fish. In the poke I had at Pokespot the fish was second rate and there wasn't much of it. I have little doubt that the poke we are getting in New York is a corruption of the dish, an excuse to serve you a big bowl of cheap produce and starch with previously frozen bits of fish. The Madness of Crowds.

Anonymous said...

Lotted fish

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


you're thinking of balut - it's a delicacy in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I'm not into raw chum salad, either...amazed that so many people want poke, mon.