Monday, November 14, 2016

Activity again in the empty lot at 89 1st Ave.

[Photo Friday by Michael Hirsch]

Several times (here and here, for instance) in the past few years, workers have come into the long-empty lot at 89 First Avenue between Fifth Street and Sixth Street and whacked down the weeds/trees growing in the space.

All this usually — and understandably — brings out the "here comes the new development" thoughts. There still aren't any permits on file with the DOB noting any new-building construction.

As you may recall, we heard a rumor in the fall of 2014 that there were preliminary plans in place to build a 7-floor residential building here. In September 2015, workers were on the property drilling and soil testing.

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Drilling and soil testing commences at the long-empty lot at 89 1st Ave.


Anonymous said...

If there aren't any permits, then why the fuck is the footpath closed?

Gojira said...

That is going to be one narrow building when they finally get around to the inevitable.