Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week in Grieview

[1st Avenue love seats via Derek Berg]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

A Raphael Toledano-style turkey dinner on 12th Street for residents without cooking gas (Wednesday)

The Sock Man opens in new location on St. Mark's Place (Friday)

Mayor de Blasio calls for unity during anti-hate rally at Cooper Union (Monday)

The Second Avenue Tompkins Square Bagels makes its debut (Tuesday)

Barnyard Cheese and Brix Wine Shop moving from Avenue C to Avenue B (Monday)

Thanksgiving Week at the Bowery Mission (Wednesday)

Out and About Part 2 with Eric Paulin (Wednesday)

Report: Mike Pence supporter arrested for alleged racist tirade, pepper-spray attack at 14th Street diner (Tuesday)

Healthfully has closed on Fourth Street (Monday)

Former East Village Tavern space for rent (Friday)

American Deli & Grocery closes after a few months on First Avenue (Friday)

Holiday trees (and stands) arrive (Wednesday)

Shu Han Ju II takes over for Mulan East on Third Avenue (Monday)

Storefronts at 110 E. Seventh St. for rent (Tuesday)

Honeybrains opens on Lafayette (Wednesday)

Village Grannies bringing water pipes and smoking accessories to Ninth Street (Tuesday)

Hot Pot Central sets up shop on Second Avenue and 12th Street (Monday)

Former Grand Sichuan space for rent on St. Mark's Place (Monday)


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Amanda Burden-Christ said...

Now that's what I call seating!