Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Switch Playground now open on 12th Street 'for the body and soul'

Switch Playground, a South African-based group fitness concept, has just opened its location on 12th Street between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue. (It's in the New York Central Art Supply's former warehouse space at No 130.)

Per its website, "Switch combines carefully selected aspects of cardiovascular training, functional training, boxing, plyometric training, core stability and power-flow yoga to create a perfectly balanced playground for the body and soul."

You can find more details and book classes here.

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Anonymous said...

Switch Playground? Sounds like an S&M parlor.

Anonymous said...

I thought that, too, haha.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. People who get bored with fitness and exercise and require ever-changing diversions don't seem like a reliable customer base. Case in point, check out any gym on January 1st, and then three months later, see the difference in activity.