Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A look at the retail listing for the northwest corner of A and St. Mark's Place

[Photo from Saturday]

A follow-up to the post yesterday about the combined ex-Nino's and Hop Devil Grill spaces on Avenue A at St. Mark's Place.

A tipster shared the flyer in circulation for the property...

As we understand it, the spaces are very much still on the market. No word on the asking rent. All uses and divisions will be considered.

Meanwhile, a reader left this in the comments yesterday:

I live in the building above it. Last week I spoke to a worker fixing electricity in the building who told me they are upgrading the electrical system because a STARBUCKS is going in...

Aside from this claim from a worker, there isn't any other evidence that this space has any retail tenant. And Starbucks has been a handy rumored tenant in recent years ... for the corner of Avenue A and 11th Street and Avenue B and Fourth Street ... the contractor who said that a Starbucks was coming to First Avenue and 13th Street turned out to be correct, though.

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Anonymous said...

"beer store...". (I know everyone's exhausted.)