Friday, November 4, 2016

Report: Shaun Martin receives 20 years to life for death of East Village Farm and Grocery florist

Shaun Martin, who prosecutors said was drunk and high on PCP when he plowed his car going 90 MPH into East Village Farm and Grocery on Second Avenue on June 19, 2013, which led to the death of florist Mohammed Akkas Ali, was sentenced today to 20 years to life.

During a sentence hearing last month, Martin's lawyer, Arthur Aidala, tried to have the charges dismissed, arguing that his client was so intoxicated he couldn't be held accountable for murder by displaying a "depraved indifference to life," per the Daily News.

During the sentencing today, Martin, a 35-year-old Queens resident, "got little sympathy from Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Melissa Jackson as she sentenced him on charges including murder and aggravated vehicular homicide," as the Daily News reported.

Martin's excuses — that he was self medicating for psychiatric disorders and addicted to drugs — do not negate what he did, the judge said.

She said his family “did everything they could to help you every single time but you continued to use drugs."

Aidala said he'll file an appeal on Martin's behalf.

"It's a tragic day for many families," the lawyer said outside the courtroom. "Two lives were lost here — Mr. Ali and Mr. Martin."

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Anonymous said...

Good riddance. I hope this jerk rots in prison for the next two decades while the rest of us bask in our liberty. This was an imaginable tragedy. Perhaps in twenty years, when he's eligible for parole, he'll be denied. I am tired of hearing how drug users who commit these types of crimes somehow expect to be delivered leniency or exoneration without consequences. Bullshit. This man, who has shown no remorse, brutally killed another man, who happened to be a beloved farther, uncle and grandfather. Perhaps the victim's family can receive some semblance of closure in order to heal along the way.

Eden Bee said...

Good. I loved the flower guy and made sure to say hi every time i saw him. He was always smiling and in a good mood even in 10 degree weather.

Anonymous said...

His lawyer said "two lives were lost" which is total BS. ONE innocent life was TAKEN by Martin.

As for Martin, if he's squandered his life, he can look in the mirror to find out who is truly responsible for that situation. He'll have a long time in jail to think about it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ali was a sweet man, always kind to my kids, always smiling. I hope his family finds comfort knowing his murderer will be in jail a long time. Intoxication is not an excuse for killing a person.

Anonymous said...

OK maybe he was self-medicating. Most of us do in some form. That in itself not a crime. Making the decision to drive while fucked up is. Deciding on top of all that to do 90 mph on a Manhattan street makes it an unforgivable crime. I say anyone caught driving that fast in the city regardless of sobriety should be charged with felony.

Anonymous said...

Only one life was lost that day: the life of the victim.

The driver's life was lost long ago when he threw it away on drugs. The tragedy is he had to then drag someone else down with him.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

The lawyer should also go to jail for trying to have the charges dropped. Shameless.

- East Villager

Anonymous said...

Good one. @12:36

The lawyer should be behind bars. Perhaps he or she can share a cell behind bars with the convicted asshole who made this mess. Shameless is right. Not to mention disgusting and deplorable.