Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Screaming Mimi's has left Lafayette Street

As we first reported back in June, Screaming Mimi's was leaving its home of 25 years on Lafayette Street for a new location at 240 W. 14th St. between Seventh Avenue and Eighth Avenue.

And, as planned, the vintage clothing boutique closed for good after a Halloween party there on Monday night.

As owner Laura Wills told us at the time, the building at 382 Lafayette was sold, and she decided to relocate.

To be quite honest, we never considered staying. Lafayette Street was a wonderful home for almost 25 years but it has changed so much. I fear it will very soon be blocks of big glass and steel storefronts with no soul. Mostly everyone who opened when we did is gone."

With its various locations, Screaming Mimi's has been open a total of 37 years. The new West 14th Street location is now open.

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Screaming Mimi's is leaving its home of 25 years on Lafayette for West 14th Street


Anonymous said...

Moving to W.14th will be a blessing in disguise. Central, easy to get to (all major train lines plus PATH stop at 14th St.), way more foot traffic.

New name for a new location suggestion: Mimi's On 14th (longtime customers would still call it Screaming Mimi's)

Anonymous said...

This part of Lafayette has a dozen gyms (I mean health clubs). If this space is large enough it too will be one or a place that sells work out (training) clothing.

Scuba Diva said...

Also will be close to Rags-a-Gogo and other vintage and clothing stores.