Friday, May 12, 2017

Oh, 'Boy'

The Montreal-based She-Devils are one of the 50000000 bands playing during the Northside Festival in Brooklyn next month.

This video for "Hey Boy," released yesterday, is off the band's self-titled debut album due May 19.

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Anonymous said...

Nice. They will be playing at Union Pool. It's so weird the way everything has become with the volume of music and festivals. How it's all so organized, and theres all this overdevelopment everywhere. It's capitalism gone berserk. I feel like everything and everyone is so in your face. There's this Fleetwood Mac tour now, with Steely Dan, The Eagles and everybody. It's going to be at Citi Field. I overheard two students at Cafe Orlin say that they bought tickets for $1000 for two nights. Anyway, Echo and The Bunnymen and Violent Femmes are coming to Coney Island. It's gonna be a fun summer.