Monday, June 8, 2015

Former Luca Bar space for rent on St. Mark's Place

The for rent sign has arrived at 119 St. Mark's Place, former home of the Luca Bar here between Avenue A and First Avenue.

The listing via Jonis Realty doesn't appear to be online just yet.

The landlord took possession of the space back in late April. Regardless, Luca Bar always seemed able to bounce back from tax/landlord-related issues, such as in November 2013 and June 2011.

Luca Bar isn't the only available space on this side of the block. The former homes of the Belgian Room, Hop Devil Grill and Ton-Up Cafe are all currently business-free.

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Anonymous said...

Not surprised it is for rent. The tenants really did all they could to rake in the profits creating a loud, noisy, obnoxious bar much beloved by people who enjoyed the raucous noise because they traveled in from elsewhere.