Friday, July 3, 2015

Bikes, By George! is gone

George Philbert has closed up his bike shop at 193 E. Fourth St. just east of Avenue A.

He removed his sign on Sunday…

[Photo by Greg Masters]

He has said that a rent hike forced him out. One reader said that Philbert, who has been repairing bikes around the city since 1970, will look for a new shop once he returns from a vacation.

The listing at Bond says that a restaurant is OK for the space. The asking rent is $3,750 for 340 square feet.

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Anonymous said...

$3,750 for 340 square feet
Wow that is low for this neighborhood.

Charlie said...

That definitely is low. B&H is paying $30,000/mo on rent and taxes.

Jon Keller said...

B & H monthly costs are $30,000, which includes rent, taxes AND labor costs. Actually.