Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Debbie Harry

[Cover photo from 1979 via Facebook]

The singer-songwriter-actress-Blondie lead singer turns 70 today.

On Saturday night, Blondie opened for Morrissey at the Garden, and drew high marks. Per the Voice: "Blondie’s sound has become (and will continue to be) the soundtrack to generations of fans’ lives. Last night’s performance at Madison Square Garden was a reminder of why Debbie Harry and her band continue to keep their audience enthralled after all these years."

On Friday night, Harry was at 292 Gallery on East Third Street to hear Romy Ashby read from her new novel "Stink."

(I do not know what she did last Thursday night.)

Now back to the music with "Rifle Range" from 1977...


pinhead said...

I've been meaning to ask Debbie to marry me since high school. If you see her, please give her the message.

Anonymous said...

NYC is dead . Happy sad day Debbie.

DrBOP said...

No, no were ALREADY married to her....back in that proto-punk/magic mushroom/exercise spa-thingie trend in the late 80s....probably why you don't remember.

....I heard you split up over ownership of the pastels, the dildo collection, and the Nina Simone albums. Somethin' about a pet mongoose too, not sure.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the golden years... now go and stand in line for a veggie burger. And drink your kale.